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Vittu – Swear Words

This article deals with swear words related to sexual organs, but mainly focuses on vittu. This swear word is by far the most common and deserves the most attention.

Many Finns love to swear. Some Finns seem to include a swear word in pretty much every sentence that comes out of their mouth; especially when they’re drunk. We have multiple articles on this topic. You can read more about swearing in general, about profanities (e.g. saatana and jumalauta), and about paska and perse in our other articles.

1. The versatility of vittu

We can count this swear word as the most popular swear word in Finnish, in addition to perkele. It can be used as an interjection, an intensifier, a noun and a numeral. You can also turn it into a verb and an adjective. As such, the word is very versatile and very common.

Word type Phrase Translation
Interjection Vittu kun väsyttää. Fuck I’m tired.
Intensifier Elämä on niin vitun paska. Life is so fucking shit.
Adjective Älä oo niin vittumainen. Don’t be so shitty.
Numeral Näitä on ihan vitusti. There’s many of these.
Verb Minua vituttaa. I’m fucking annoyed, angry.
Noun Haista vittu! Go smell a cunt! Fuck you!

2. The prevalence of vittu

This word can appear many times in a singular sentence. A great example sentence that’s not even very far-fetched (you might even hear it in real life) would be the phrase “Vittu kun mua vittu vituttaa nii vitun vitusti“, of which the translation isn’t nearly as elaborate: “Fuck this, I’m so fucking pissed off.”.

Interesting is also that it can be injected multiple times into phrases without having any real function in the sentence. One could say that it’s functioning more as punctuation than as a word. In this function, it will not become vitun, like it usually does when it actually carries meaning:

  • With vittu:Minna sano mulle vittu et jos mä haluun vittu mennä vittu kotiin niin hän vittu jää sinne ilman mua.”
  • Without vittu:Minna sano mulle et jos mä haluun mennä kotiin niin hän jää sinne ilman mua.”
  • Standard language:Minna sanoi minulle, että jos minä haluan mennä kotiin, niin hän jää sinne ilman minua.
  • Translation: “Minna said to me that if I want to go home, she will stay there without me.”

3. Vittu – Cunt, Fuck – Phrases

While the direct translation is “cunt”, a vulgar way to refer to the female anatomy, compared to English, you probably want to translate it as “fuck” (which is much more common in English). It’s a very offensive word that’s very commonly used in teenager slang.

Phrase Translation
Voi vittu! Fuck it!
Haista vittu! Fuck you! (“smell cunt”)
Vitun äijä! Fucking dude!
Suksi vittuun! Fuck off! (“ski into cunt”)
Painu vittuun! Fuck off! (“sink into cunt”)
Kaikki meni päin vittua. Everything was fucked.
Mitä vittua sä täällä teet? What are you fucking doing here?
Ja vitut minä siitä välitän! What do I fucking care!
Emmä tiiä vittu. I don’t fucking know.
No vitut koko jutusta sitten. Well fuck the whole thing then.
Se oli vitun iso. It was fucking large.

As is usual with swear words, there are some euphemisms that are used as a less offensive version. These incluse vitsi and hitsi, as well as kettu, vattu and pottu. You can translate these for example as crap, darn or heck.

4. Other Offensive Words Related to Sex Organs

  • Pillu “pussy”: Not used in swears, just a term for female genitalia.
  • Kyrpä “cock”: Rarely used, e.g. Voi kyrpä! “Oh fuck”.
  • Mulkku “dick, prick”: Mainly used as an insult.
  • Kulli “cock”: Mainly used as an insult.

That’s it for sexual swear words in this article! Check out our other articles related to swearing as well!

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