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Sauna – Kiuas, lauteet, ja höyry – Finnish Vocabulary

Many homes in Finland come with their own sauna. Even if they don’t, there is usually one in the building anyway, which you can reserve for your own use, or share with your neighbors. It is almost like the Finnish national hobby.

Finnish English
Verbejä Verbs
lämmittää to heat
kantaa puita saunaan to carry wood to the sauna
riisuutua to undress
nousta lauteille to climb on the benches
heittää vettä kiukkaalle to throw water on the stove
heittää löylyä “to throw steam”
hikoilla to sweat
peseytyä to wash oneself
huuhdella to rinse
uida to swim
kuivata itsensä to dry oneself
nauttia saunasta to enjoy the sauna
varata saunavuoro to reserve a sauna shift
vilvoitella to cool off
Finnish English
Saunassa In the sauna
mökki cabin
puuvaja / liiteri woodshed
pukuhuone dressing room
löylyhuone wash room
avanto hole in the ice
lauteet benches
laudeliina bench cloth
kiuas stove
puukiuas wood-burning stove
sähkökiuas electric stove
vesikauha ladle, scoop
ämpäri / sanko bucket
höyry steam
lämpömittari thermometer
vesipata water heater
pesuvati bowl
tervasaippua tar soap
pesusieni sponge
alaston / alasti naked
pellavapyyhe linen towel
froteepyyhe terry towel
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