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Point System – Uusi kielemme Bonus Content

Uusi kielemme extras is a corner meant especially for people who make various kinds of contributions to the workings of my website. This is my way to thank everyone who helps me out in any way. You get access to bonus content such as interactive exercises. Read more about the types of bonus content here.

The system I’ve set up works with points. Collecting ten points will give you access to the extra content for one month. You can collect points in several ways:

  • Proof-reading
  • Translating
  • Financial support
  • Eternal access

Proof-reading: one typo is one point

Discovering and reporting typos, wrong numberings and translation mistakes on my website will also count towards getting access. Each typo is worth one point, and collecting ten of them will give you access for one month.

Getting points requires me to approve your correction suggestion. You can send your suggestion(s) to me through email or on Discord.

Translating: one published article is five points

Volunteers who work on translating the articles on my website to their native language also earn points. Only certain people are qualified to translate. If you’re interested in translating articles to your native language, I will need to know, for example, how well you know Finnish and whether you have any background in translating. I’m only accepting translators who have reached an intermediate level of Finnish already.

New Chinese and Spanish translators are welcome. I’d like to get my articles translated to Russian as well. Send me an email or drop me a message on Discord and we can discuss your situation.

Approved translators will get five points per published translation. Two such articles (equalling ten points) will give you access for one month.

Financial support: one euro is one point

One euro is one point. A contribution of ten euros will give you access to all the goodies on this page for one month. Please use PayPal for this!

If you can’t afford to pay ten euros in one go, you could pay five euros two month in a row (five points each), and get access for one month after your second payment. Paying multiple months in advance is also possible.

Eternal access: 240 points

It’s possible to get permanent access to these extras for as long as this system is in place. This requires you to collect 240 points in total. You can collect these points through any combination of the above methods of acquiring points.

Point Tracker: How many points do you have?

You can at any time check your points here. I will be editing that document when you earn new points. When you have 10 points, you can decide to use your points at the start of the next month, or to save them until later. Access can be granted at the beginning of every new month, or in the middle of a month. In the latter case, however, your access will be cut off at the end of the month no matter how much time you’ve had access.

Any Questions?

I have ten points! How do I log in?
Logging in requires an account, which I have to set up for you. Contact me and let me know what username you’d like to use. Once I’ve set up your account, WordPress will automatically send you an email which contains the activation link.


Please reach out to me either in the comments below, through email or on Discord for more information. If something is unclear to you, it’s likely that it’s unclear to other people as well. Click one of the icons below!

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