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100 Random Finnish Nouns – Intermediate Level PART TWO

In this article, you can find a list of 100 fairly common intermediate level nouns in a random order with no specific theme. I think every intermediate learner has gaps in their knowledge, so even if you do know many of these, I’m pretty sure you’ll find a couple to learn! This is the second article I’ve done with 100 random, intermediate level words. Check out the first one here!

Ways to use this list:

  • If many of the words at first glance seem too difficult for you, skim through the English translations and pick a few which you would like to remember.
  • Cover up either the Finnish or the English side and try to come up with the translation yourself. Personally, I have a much harder time going English > Finnish than the other way around.
  • Turn it into a game! Find another Finnish learner and compare how many words you both know. Try explaining them to one another in Finnish!
  • Invent and write a story using 10 or 15 of the words in the list.
# Finnish English
1 liikenne traffic
2 napa belly button
3 nappi button
4 noppa dice
5 kaide railing
6 sauma seam
7 luoti bullet
8 sormustin thimble
9 jousi bow (weapon)
10 kansi lid, cover
11 räätäli tailor
12 kirjain letter (e.g. A)
13 tavu syllable
14 palju hot tub
15 saniainen fern
16 puro brook, stream
17 lähde source, spring
18 pohja bottom, base
19 vilkku blinker (of car)
20 varsa foal (of horse)
21 kranssi wreath
22 tiili brick
23 ruuti gun powder
24 aukio square (in city)
25 ympyrä circle
26 selain browser
27 sulake fuse (electrical)
28 jättiläinen giant
29 tarra sticker
30 yleisö audience
31 taapero toddler
32 leija kite
33 haima pancreas
34 pelto field
35 niitty meadow
36 sylki saliva
37 avanne stoma
38 raita stripe
39 solmu knot
40 kuvake icon (on computer)
41 aalto wave
42 lihas muscle
43 kimalle glitter
44 kangas fabric
45 rehtori principal, headmaster
46 kytkin switch
47 meklari broker
48 pilkku comma
49 peruukki wig
50 vaippa diaper
51 arpi scar
52 hiha sleeve
53 tontti land lot
54 kaivo well (water)
55 joukkue team (in sports)
56 neste liquid
57 heijastin safety reflector
58 pinta surface
59 viuhka hand fan
60 siittiö sperm
61 varjo shadow
62 sokkelo maze
63 tuote product
64 tynnyri barrel
65 aita fence
66 tärpätti turpentine
67 kolikko coin
68 lätäkkö puddle
69 lyhty lantern
70 mustelma bruise
71 sarana hinge (e.g. door)
72 yksilö individual
73 uhri victim
74 orpo orphan
75 tappio loss (not a win)
76 pylväs pillar
77 paavi pope
78 tupsu tassel (of threads)
79 myrkky poison
80 luuta broom
81 paasto fasting
82 taikina dough
83 heimo tribe
84 typpi nitrogen
85 savuke cigarette
86 krapula hangover
87 ennustaja fortune teller
88 teltta tent
89 tatuointi tattoo
90 piiska whip
91 nero genius
92 sänki stubble (beard)
93 oksa branch
94 konna villain
95 oja ditch
96 rätti rag
97 kylä village
98 ansa trap
99 vanki prisoner
100 veistos sculpture

Do you enjoy this type of article with random nouns? Check out the previous article of this series here.

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Luoti appears twice on this list.


That’s great! I knew luoti but heimo is new to me.