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100 Random Finnish Words to Study – Intermediate Level

In this article, you can find a list of 100 fairly common intermediate level words in a random order with no specific theme. This type of article is probably not going to become a feature on my website, but I felt like letting my brain do its own thing for once and see what type of words it would come up with! I think every intermediate learner has gaps in their knowledge, so even if you do know many of these, I’m pretty sure you’ll find a couple to learn!

Ways to use this list:

  • If many of the words at first glance seem too difficult for you, skim through the English translations and pick a few which you would like to remember.
  • Cover up either the Finnish or the English side and try to come up with the translation yourself. Personally, I have a much harder time going English > Finnish than the other way around.
  • Turn it into a game! Find another Finnish learner and compare how many words you both know. Try explaining them to one another in Finnish!
  • Invent and write a story using 10 or 15 of the words in the list.
# Finnish English
1 keinulauta seesaw
2 kovakuoriainen beetle
3 pehmolelu plushie
4 lintulauta birdfeeder
5 kruunu crown
6 nokkahuilu recorder (instrument)
7 suudelma kiss
8 häntä tail
9 nurmikko lawn
10 pakoputki exhaust pipe
11 jalanjälki footprint
12 juustohöylä cheese slicer
13 hirsimökki log cabin
14 ratti steering wheel
15 vesiränni downspout
16 takaraivo back of your head
17 solmio necktie
18 sateenvarjo umbrella
19 viemäri sewer
20 silmäluomi eyelid
21 piilolinssit contact lenses
22 sisilisko lizard
23 lasikuula (glass) marble
24 monot ski boots
25 koukku hook
26 salpa latch
27 miljoonakala guppy
28 nuottiavain clef key
29 kenkälusikka shoehorn
30 kaiku echo
31 kitalaki roof of your mouth
32 lommo dent
33 ankkuri anchor
34 harppi compass (drawing tool)
35 pulpetti school desk
36 avaimenperä key chain
37 ankerias eel
38 kummitus ghost
39 airot oars
40 hikipisara drop of sweat
41 etikka vinegar
42 höyhen feather
43 uurna funeral urn
44 kahva handle
45 pienoismalli scale model
46 pesusieni sponge
47 leivänmuru break crumb
48 kääpiö dwarf
49 sätkynukke marionette, puppet
50 lankakerä ball of yarn
51 hiuspanta headband
52 lasisirpale shard of glass
53 sielu soul
54 neulatyyny needle cushion
55 happi oxygen
56 vetoketju zipper
57 lumme waterlily
58 sato harvest
59 kertosäe chorus, refrain
60 sovellus app
61 kertotaulu multiplication table
62 joutsen swan
63 taikuri magician
64 tykinkuula cannon ball
65 maisema landscape
66 finni pimple
67 ihmissusi werewolf
68 loisteputki fluorescent lamp
69 huurre rime, frost
70 heltta waddle (turkey)
71 valomiekka lightsaber
72 pisama freckle
73 käsinoja armrest
74 suojatie crosswalk
75 ruoste rust
76 terälehti petal (flower)
77 sierain nostril
78 sankaritar heroine
79 liitutaulu chalk board
80 lauteet benches in sauna
81 aakkoset the alphabet
82 suolasirotin salt shaker
83 lunttilappu cheat sheet
84 ydinvoima nuclear power
85 hammasraudat braces (teeth)
86 silmälappu eyepatch
87 ryppy wrinkle
88 kaulus collar
89 rekisterikilpi license plate
90 hameenhelma hemline (skirt)
91 erakko hermit
92 suihkumyssy shower cap
93 rupi scab
94 kiipeilyteline monkey bars
95 nuohooja chimney sweeper
96 salaluukku trap door
97 luolamaalaus cave painting
98 rukki spinning wheel
99 suorakulmio rectangle
100 riippumatto hammock

Those are the 100 random Finnish words that made it into this article’s list. Is this something you’d like to see more of? Do let me know in the comments if so! I can’t make games out of this right here, but I found this game to test your vocabulary pretty fun!

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