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Animal Comparisons – Terve Kuin Pukki

Here are some Finnish sayings about animals which are used to compare people to an animal and its characteristics. In addition to these animal comparisons, there are many other kinds of sayings with animals as well. You can find some extra sayings at the bottom of the vocabulary pages about birds, fish, insects, mammals, and pets.

Another interesting page could be the one about adjectives with a fixed modifiers. These include compound words like kivikova (stonehard) and veitsenterävä (razor sharp).

Finnish English Explanation
hidas kuin etana as slow as a snail very slow
ovela kuin kettu as sly as a fox untrustworthy
tyhmä kuin aasi as stupid as a donkey very stupid
tyhmä kuin saapas as stupid as a boot very stupid
iloinen kuin peipponen as happy as a chaffinch very happy
epäsiisti kuin sika as untidy as a a pig very untidy
terve kuin pukki as healthy as a billy-goat very healthy
köyhä kuin kirkon rotta as poor as a church rat very poor
itsepäinen kuin pässi as stubborn as a ram extremely stubborn
itsepäinen kuin aasi as stubborn as a donkey extremely stubborn
vapaa kuin taivaan lintu free as a bird of the sky completely free
syödä kuin hevonen to eat like a horse to eat a lot
syödä kuin sika to eat like a pig to eat very messily
kuin elefantti lasikaupassa like an elephant in a china shop very clumsy
kuin nuori varsa kesälaitumella like a young horse in a summer field wild and happy

That’s it for animal comparisons!

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