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Chemistry – Kemia – Finnish Vocabulary

Chemistry (kemia) is the study (tutkimus) of matter (materia), its properties (ominaisuus), how and why substances (aine) combine (yhdistää) or separate (hajota) to form other substances, and how substances interact (vuorovaikuttaa) with energy (energia).

Have fun learning some new science related words!

Finnish English
kemia chemistry
kemiallinen chemical
reaktioyhtälö chemical equation
alkuaine element
molekyyli molecule
ioni ion
atomi atom
atomipaino atomic weight
reaktio reaction
yhdiste compound
sidos bond
kaava formula
metalli metal
epämetalli non-metal
Finnish English
happi oxygen
vety hydrogen
typpi nitrogen
typpihappo nitric acid
rikki sulphur
rikkihappo sulphuric acid
hiili carbon
kalium potassium
hiilihydraatti carbohydrate
proteiini protein
rasva lipid, fat
Finnish English
kiinteä solid
neste liquid
kaasu gas
liueta to dissolve
liuos solution
happo acid
hapan acidic
happamuus acidity
emäs base
tislaus distillation
indikaattori indicator
elektrolyysi electrolysis
elektrolyytti electrolyte
anodi anode
katodi cathode

We also have an article on the periodic table with the names of all the chemical elements in Finnish!

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