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Mathematics – Finnish Vocabulary

If you’re studying Finnish in Finland as an immigrant, there is the possibility that you will need to take a course of mathematics at some point. In that case, these words could prove to be useful!

Or maybe you just like mathematics, and want to broaden your vocabulary through a subject you care about? Whatever the case, here are some mathematical words to learn! Look at our page about numbers as well!

Finnish English
Verbejä Verbs
arvioida determine
jakaa to divide
kertoa to multiply
vähentää to subtract
laskea yhteen to add up
lisätä to add
tarkistaa to check
laskea to count
ratkaista to solve
alleviivata to underline
ympyröidä to circle
vertailla to compare
sieventää to simplify
perustella to prove
Geometria Geometry
suora straight line
jana segment
ympyrä circle
halkaisija diameter
säde radius
kulma angle
suorakulma right angle
kolmio triangle
neliö square
paraabeli parabola
lieriö cylinder
kartio cone
kuutio cube
pyramidi pyramid
soikio oval
suorakulmio rectangle
särmä edge
pystysuora vertical
vaakasuora horizontal
tilavuus volume
pinta-ala surface area
aste degree
Finnish English
Muita sanoja Other words
plus plus
miinus minus
summa sum
tulos result
yhtälö equation
jakojäännös remainder
kymmenylitys ten-crossing
päässälasku counting in your head
reaaliluku real number
kokonaisluku integral number
murtoluku fraction
laskuoppi arithemtic
laskutehtävä arithmetical problem
aritmetiikka arithmetic
luku number
parillinen luku even number
pariton luku odd number
perusluku cardinal number
järjestysluku ordinal number
numero figure
laskin calculator
virhe mistake
kertotaulu multiplication table
kertolasku multiplication
vähennyslasku subtraction
jako division
yhtä suuri kuin equal to

That’s it for mathematics!

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I like learning the mathematical words in Finnish. I know in English there are squares and cubes of numbers. How would we say 4 squared? I know it’s the same problem as 4 times 4 but it’s a way of saving a little space on paper.


Inge (admin)

4² = neljä potenssiin kaksi
2³ = kaksi potenssiin kolme

Inge (admin)

The way I originally offered to say these squared forms is quite formal. I understand that for 4² you could also so “neljän neliö”, 6² would be “kuuden neliö”.

For higher numbers, you can also use ordinal numbers in the mihin form: 2³ would be “kaksi kolmanteen”, while 4⁴ would be “neljä neljänteen”.

Hope this helps!

yoshitha hiripitiya

Thanks this helps a lot for my test thanks very much

yoshitha hiripitiya

what is vastaluku