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Means of Transportation – Finnish Vocabulary

Below, I’ve compiled a list of words that have to do with means of transportation. In addition to a simple word list, I’ve also included a little bit of grammar concerned with making sentences with these words.

Different types of vehicles

Finnish English
liikenne traffic
ajoneuvo vehicle
auto car
henkilöauto passenger car
maastoauto jeep
kuorma-auto lorry
aura-auto plow car
rekka truck
jakelurekka delivery truck
juna train
veturi locomotive
bussi bus
ambulanssi ambulance
paloauto fire engine
kaivuri excavator
maansiirtoauto dump truck
Finnish English
nosturiauto crane car
betoniauto concrete truck
kauhakuorma-auto bucket truck
raitiovaunu tram
traktori tractor
metro metro
lentokone airplane
helikopteri helicopter
kuumailmapallo hot air balloon
polkupyörä bicycle
pyörä bike
rullaluistimet roller skates
rullalauta skateboard
julkinen liikenne public transportation

Spoken Language Words for Vehicles

Finnish English
bemari spoken language for BMW
volkkari spoken language for Volkswagen
pösö spoken language for Peugeot
mersu spoken language for Mercedes Benz
sitikka spoken language for Citroën
rellu spoken language of Renault
matukka spoken language for Mazda
paku spoken language for pakettiauto (van)

Millä sinä matkustat?

When you do something with the use of a certain object, you use the -lla ending (the adessive case). This happens with means of transportation, but you could for example also say “Minä syön lusikalla“, which would mean “I eat by spoon”, or in better English: “I eat with a spoon”.

The question “Millä sinä matkustat?” already gives away what kind of an answer is expected: the question word millä? is in the same case as the answer should be: the adessive.

Finnish English
Menen töihin autolla. I go to work by car.
Kuljetan tavaraa kuorma-autolla. I transport goods with a truck.
Menen Kuopioon junalla. I go to Kuopio by train.
Matkustan Tampereelle bussilla. I travel to Tampere by bus.
Menemme kauppaan metrolla. We go to the store by metro.
Matkustan usein lentokoneella. I often travel by plane.
Menen sairaalaan helikopterilla. I go to the hospital by helicopter.
Mene pyörällä kauppaan! Go to the store with your bike!
Menen kotiin kävellen* I go home by foot.

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Krishna Sharma

So, Millä sinä matkustat basically means by what means you are travelling.

Yeps! It’s not proper English, I suppose, but it’s easy to understand 🙂