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Fruit – Hedelmät – Finnish Vocabulary

Another topic that’s excellent for beginners: learning the names of fruit aka hedelmät! Many of the more exotic fruits have a name that’s similar to English, so part of this task is luckily easy! You can also find three sayings at the bottom of this article. If you’re wondering why there are no berries on this page, that’s because we have a vocabulary list with berries separately.

Finnish English
ananas pineapple
appelsiini orange
aprikoosi apricot
avokado avocado
banaani banana
verkkomeloni cantaloupe
granaattiomena pomegranate
hunajameloni honeydew
kiivi kiwi
kirsikka cherry
klementiini clementine
kookospähkinä coconut
kumkvatti kumquat
litsi litchi
Finnish English
luumu plum
mandariini tangerine
mango mango
meloni melon
nektariini nectarine
omena apple
papaija papaya
persikka peach
päärynä pear
sitruuna lemon
taateli date
vesimeloni watermelon
viikuna fig
viinirypäleet grapes

Sayings with fruit

  • “Omena päivässä pitää lääkärin loitolla.”
    Literally: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
    Meaning: Eating enough fruit will keep you from getting sick.
  • “Omena ei kauas puusta putoa.”
    Literally: The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
    Meaning: Children often take after their parents.
  • “Hedelmistään puu tunnetaan.”
    Literally: By its fruits a tree is known.
    Meaning: A person is known through their accomplisments.

Mistä hedelmästä sinä pidät? Pidätkö omenoista?
What fruit do you like? Do you like apples?

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