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Food Related Vocabulary Overview

This page is an overview of food related vocabulary exercises on Uusi kielemme. First, you can find food related vocabulary lists about different types of food. After that, I’m listening some articles that have cooking vocabulary.

Food Related Vocabulary Articles Overview


Vihannekset: Do you know what pinaatti, retiisi, lanttu and munakoiso are? This article lists the most common vegetables available in Finnish food stores!

Vegetable Vocabulary


Hedelmät: You can find the translation of common fruits here, such as meloni, luumu, sitruuna and appelsiini.

Fruit Vocabulary


Marjat: Finns love their berries, especially mustikka, vadelma and mansikka. Learn more berry vocabulary here!

Berries Vocabulary

Herbs and Spices

Yrtit ja mausteet: Time to expand your vocabulary to contain the following words: persilja, timjami, kurkuma and korianteri.

Herbs and Spices


Liha! Learn the name of different types of meat, such as makkara, broileri, ulkofilee and jauheliha. Included are also words for animal parts.

Meat Vocabulary

Breakfast foods

Aamiainen: This article contains typical breakfast foods, such as different types of eggs and types of bread.

Breakfast Vocabulary


Juomat: Learn what the words pirtelö, limsa, olut and tuoremehu mean!

Beverages Vocabulary


Alkoholi: This article gives you more information about everything related to alcohol in Finland.

Alcohol Vocabulary


Cooking Related Articles

How to say that you cook

There are multiple ways in Finnish to express that you’re cooking. Find out about this topic!

How to Say “to Cook” in Finnish

Cooking verbs

This article lists typical kitchen verbs such as paistaa, maustaa, pilkkoa and kuoria.

Cooking Verbs

Cooking Recipe Phrases

Learn some phrases that are typically used in recipes!

Cooking Recipe Phrases

Those are all the articles on Uusi kielemme that currently are related to foods in some way! Hopefully these words help you improve your Finnish in a meaningful way.

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