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Words that Express Quantity for the Partitive

This page gives you more examples of words that express quantity. These are words that you use the partitive with. However, there is both the partitive singular and the partitive plural. Often the same quantity word can be used both with the singular and the plural partitive.

Below is a group of examples meant to make it clearer for you when to use the singular or the plural.

Singular Partitive

Singular partitive
Määrä Finnish English
monta monta omenaa many apples
puoli puoli tuntia half an hour
vähän vähän aikaa a little bit of time
nokare nokare voita a knob of butter
kuppi kuppi kahvia a cup of coffee
kannu kannu mehua a jug of juice
litra litra maitoa a liter of milk
kilo kilo sokeria a kilo of sugar
pari pari ystävää a few friends
pullo pullo viiniä a bottle of wine
pala pala kakkua a piece of cake
pussi pussi hiekkaa a bag of sand
tölkki tölkki limsaa a can of soda
kulho kulho mysliä a bowl of muesli
ämpäri ämpäri vettä a bucket of water
purkki purkki hilloa a jar of jam
rasia rasia suklaata a box of chocolate
kasa kasa lunta a pile of snow

Plural Partitive

Plural partitive
Määrä Finnish English
paljon paljon banaaneja many bananas
parvi parvi lintuja a swarm of birds
laatikko laatikko omenoita a box of apples
kori kori mansikoita a basket of strawberries
pino pino tuoleja a stack of chairs
joukko joukko ihmis a group of people
vähän vähän puita a few trees
pussi pussi sipse a bag of chips
tölkki tölkki hernei a can of peas
kulho kulho muroja a bowl of cereal
ämpäri ämpäri mansikoita a bucket of strawberries
purkki purkki pipareita a jar of gingerbread cookies
rasia rasia makeisia a box of sweets
kasa kasa kiv a pile of stones
paketti paketti jauhoja a package of flour
pakkaus pakkaus tarroja a package of stickers

When we’re dealing with mass nouns, you will use the partitive singular.

Singular partitive
Määrä Finnish English
paketti paketti jauhelihaa a package of minced meat
metri metri kangasta a meter of fabric
viipale viipale juustoa a slice of cheese
lasillinen lasillinen mehua a glass of juice
lautallinen lautallinen keittoa a plate full of soup
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Anna-Marie Heywood

Would ‘yhtään’ trigger the partitive as a quantity?

It does trigger the partitive but not exactly in the same way. “Yhtään” expresses a negative quantity, so that’s why it has the partitive. “Minulla ei ole yhtään rahaa” or “En tiedä yhtään mitään”.

Anna-Marie Heywood

Thanks – that’s helpful