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Maito – Milk – Dairy products

Dairy products such as maito (milk), juusto (cheese) and voi (butter) are often a very important part of people’s diet. Thank you, Jukka_K, for offering to tackle this topic by sending me a vocabulary list which I could build this article from!

1. Juotavia maitotuotteita – Milk based drinks

Finnish English
maito milk
maitojuoma ”milk drink” (legally not called milk anymore
after processing processes)
ykkösmaito semi-skimmed milk (1 % fat)
kevytmaito semi-skimmed milk
kevytmaitojuoma semi-skimmed milk drink
täysmaito whole milk
laktoositon maito lactose-free milk
laktoositon maitojuoma lactose-free milk drink
vähälaktoosinen maito low-lactose milk
raakamaito raw milk
tinkimaito = tilamaito raw milk straight from the farm
pastöroimaton maito unpasteurized milk
pastöroitu maito pasteurized milk
homogenoitu maito homogenized milk
luomumaito organic milk
iskukuumennettu maito UHT (ultra-high temperature processed) milk
kestomaito UHT milk, long-life milk
maitojauhe powdered milk
maitotiiviste evaporated milk, condensed milk
kondensoitu maito condensed sweetened milk
vapaan lehmän maito free range cow’s milk
vuohenmaito goat milk
kauramaito oat milk
mantelimaito almond milk
riisimaito rice milk
soijamaito soy milk
ternimaito, ensimaito first milk
pullomaito bottle milk (for baby)
äidinmaito human breast milk
rintamaito human breast milk
kefiiri kefir, fermented milk
piimä sour milk, soured milk
rasvaton piimä fat-free soured milk
kirnupiimä buttermilk
maitojauhe milk powder

2. Kerma – Cream

Finnish English
kerma cream
kestokerma UHT (ultra-high temperature processed) cream
iskukuumennettu kerma UHT cream
kahvikerma coffee cream
kevytkerma light cream
ranskankerma crème fraîche
kuohukerma heavy cream, whipping cream
vispikerma whipping cream
kermavaahto whipped cream
ruokakerma cream for cooking (can be heated up)
smetana, hapankerma smetana, soured cream

3. Juusto – Cheese

Finnish English
juusto cheese
juustoraaste grated cheese
feta, fetajuusto feta
salaattijuusto feta-style salad cheese, salted or in oil
homejuusto mold cheese
sinihomejuusto blue cheese
valkohomejuusto white mold cheese
juhannusjuusto, punainen hera red cheese soup of Midsummer
leipäjuusto bread cheese, Finnish squeaky cheese
aurajuusto A Finnish blue cheese called “Aura
murukolojuusto cheese with irregular holes
mustaleimainen juusto Emmentaler cheese fermented 9 months
herajuusto brunost
punaleima Emmentaler cheese fermented 6 months
raejuusto granular cottage cheese
rakletti raclette
sinileima Emmentaler cheese fermented 3 months
sulatejuusto processed cheese
tuorejuusto curd cheese, cottage cheese
uunijuusto oven-baked cottage cheese made of first milk
kermajuusto cream cheese, mild-tasting crumbly cheese
fondue, fondyy fondue

4. Foreign cheeses

Imported cheeses are usually called by their original name in Finnish. You will come across versions of these names with the word juusto (cheese) at the end. This is mostly used for uncommon cheeses, to make it extra clear in Finnish that we’re talking about a certain type of cheese. The word juusto can be added to the basic form as-is (e.g. briejuusto) or to the genitive case form of the noun (e.g. brienjuusto).

Finnish English
brie brie
briejuusto brie cheese
brienjuusto brie cheese
camembert camembert
camembertjuusto camembert cheese
camembertinjuusto camembert cheese
cheddar cheddar
cheddarjuusto cheddar cheese
cheddarinjuusto cheddar cheese
edam edam
edamjuusto edam cheese
edaminjuusto edam cheese
emmental emmental
emmentaljuusto emmental cheese
emmentalinjuusto emmental cheese
gorgonzola gorgonzola
gorgonzolajuusto gorgonzola cheese
gorgonzolanjuusto gorgonzola cheese
gouda gouda
goudajuusto gouda cheese
goudanjuusto gouda cheese
gruyère gruyère
gruyèrejuusto gruyère cheese
gruyèrenjuusto gruyère cheese
pecorino pecorino
pecorinojuusto pecorino cheese
parmesaani parmiggiano reggiano
parmesaanijuusto parmiggiano reggiano cheese
parmanjuusto parmiggiano reggiano cheese
ricotta ricotta
ricottajuusto ricotta cheese
roquefort roquefort
roquefortjuusto roquefort cheese
roquefortinjuusto roquefort cheese
stilton stilton
stiltonjuuso stilton cheese
stiltoninjuusto stilton cheese
tilsit tilsit
tilsitjuusto tilsit tilsit
tilsitinjuusto tilsit cheese

5. Butter

Finnish English
voi butter
maalaisvoi butter prepared directly in a farm
meijerivoi butter produced in a dairy
maustevoi flavored butter, herb butter
valkosipulivoi garlic butter
margariini margarine
oivariini, voimariini, ingmariini mixtures of butter and rapeseed oil
kirkastettu voi clarified butter

6. More milk-based products

Finnish English
vaniljakastike custard
pirtelö milkshake
jäätelö ice cream
pehmis soft ice cream
vanukas sweet dessert pudding
jogurtti yoghurt
juotava jogurtti drinkable yogurt
maustamaton jogurtti unflavored yoghurt
rahka, maitorahka quark, curd cheese
viili curdled milk, yoghurt-like consistency
kermaviili sour cream
serbetti sherbert
valkokastike béchamel sauce

7. Other milk related words – Muuta maitosanastoa

Finnish English
Eila (= ei laktoosia) Trademark by Valio for lactose-free products
Hyla (= hydrolysoitu laktoosi) Trademark by Valio for low-lactose products
hapate fermentation starter, ferment
hera whey
juoksutin, juustonjuoksutin rennet
juustohöylä cheese slicer
juustoveitsi cheese knife
juustotarjotin cheese platter
juustonkuori cheese skin
juustonpala piece of cheese
juustoviipale slice of cheese
juustotahko wheel of cheese
kalsium calcium
kaseiini casein
kirnu churn
kitti smear (of cheese)
kolo hole
kuutio cube
laktoosi-intoleranssi lactose intolerance
loraus (maitoa) dash (of milk)
maitoallergia milk allergy
maitoauto tanker collecting milk from farms
maitohappo lactic acid
maito­happo­bakteeri lactic acid bacteria
maitohappokäyminen lactic acid fermentation
maitokannu milk can
maitotila milk producing farm
maitotölkki milk carton
meijeri dairy, milk processing plant
proteiini, valkuaisaine protein
purkki can (for yoghurt etc.)
rasia carton (for butter etc.)
rasvapitoisuus fat percentage
tilatankki bulk tank for milk in farms
vatkain electric mixer, kept in hand
vispilä whisk

8. Adjectives related to milk products

Finnish English
allerginen (maidolle) allergic (to milk)
homogenisoitu homogenised
härski (voi) oxygenated, rancid (butter)
iskukuumennettu UHT-processed
kermainen (juusto) creamy (cheese)
kova (juusto) hard (cheese)
laktoositon lactose-free
maidoton milkless, non-dairy
pastöroitu pasteurised
puolikova (juusto) semi-hard (cheese)
rasvaton fat-free
suolaton unsalted (butter etc.)
vastalypsetty freshly milked
vähälaktoosinen low-lactose
vähärasvainen low-fat
vähäsuolainen low-salted

9. Verbs related to milk products

Finnish English
gratinoida to gratinate
hapantua to sour
iskukuumentaa to process in UHT
juoksettaa to curdle
kaataa (maitoa) to pour
keittää to boil (transitive)
kermoa to separate cream from milk
kiehua to boil, sometimes over (intransitive)
kirnuta to churn
lorauttaa (kermaa) to pour freely (cream etc.)
lypsää (lehmä) to milk (the cow)
läikyttää to spill
pastöroida to pasteurize
piimittää (maitoa) to turn milk into cultured buttermilk
polttaa pohjaan to burn, to overheat
raastaa (juustoa) to grate (cheese)
vatkata, vispata to whip
voidella to butter
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Antonio Rubio

I think to remember that the firs time I came to Finland in 1989 there was I kind of milk called “kulutus maito” I do not see it anymore. I supposed it has been replaced by the “täysmaito”