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Plural Finnish Clothing Vocabulary – Plurale Tantum

This article deals with plural Finnish clothing vocabulary. This is an addition to the article with clothes vocabulary for beginners. You can find lots of plural Finnish clothing names here. As perhaps may seem strange at first, it neglects all clothing items that generally appear in the singular (e.g. pusero “shirt” and hattu “hat”).

The difference with English

For some of these, you will see that the English translation also appears in the plural (e.g. vaatteet “clothes“; silmälasit “glasses“; housut “pants“). However, this is not always the case. For example, the Finnish word for “bra” (singular) is rintaliivit (plural).

Many of these words are plurale tantum words: they only have a plural form. You won’t see them in the singular form (e.g. one pant? one jean?). However, this isn’t the case for the whole list: you can easily have one shoe, one boot or one glove.

The goal of this article

The plural Finnish clothing vocabulary in this article should allow you to do three things. First, you can use it to broaden your vocabulary past the basic clothing words. Second, when studying the complement (predikatiivi), this list contains lots of examples of words that will get a T-plural complement. Third, it gives you a peak into the world of plurale tantum words.

Finnish English
vaatteet clothes
pukimet clothes
arkivaatteet everyday clothes
arkikuteet sp. everyday clothes
käyttövaatteet everyday clothes
pitovaatteet everyday clothes, street clothes
sisävaatteet indoor clothing
ulkovaatteet outdoor clothing
rytkyt rags
ryysyt rags (sp. clothes)
kuteet rags (sp. clothes)
juhlavaatteet festive clothes
juhlapukeet festive clothes
juhlakuteet sp. festive clothes
pyhävaatteet Sunday best clothes
kesätamineet sp. summer clothes
urheiluvaatteet sportswear
urheilutamineet sportswear
lenkkivaatteet jogging clothing
juoksuvaatteet running clothing
voimistelutrikoot leotard
painitrikoot wrestling singlet
housut pants, trousers
pöksyt sp. pants
pökät sp. pants
dongarit sl. pants
pitkäthousut long trousers
pitkikset long trousers
caprihousut capri pants (little bit past the knee)
farmarihousut jeans
farmarit jeans
farkut jeans
merkkifarkut designer jeans
pillifarkut tight jeans
samettifarmarit velvet jeans
urheiluhousut exercise pants
verryttelyhousut sweatpants
verkkarit sp. tracksuit, sweatpants
collegehousut sweatpants
reisitaskuhousut cargo pants
khakihousut khakis, khaki-colored cotton trousers
leggingsit leggings
haaremihousut harem pants, shalwar
välihousut middle layer pants for winter
hiihtohousut skiing pants
talvifarkut winter jeans
talvifarmarit winter jeans
toppahousut padded winter pants
villahousut woolpants
ratsastushousut horse riding breeches
kahluuhousut waterproof chest waders
golfhousut golf pants
nahkahousut leather pants
prässihousut crease pants, formal
samettihousut velvet pants, corduroys
sammarit sp. velvet pants
ukkohousut wide, high-waisted women’s pants
hiihtarit women’s pants resembling ski pants.
äitiyshousut maternity pants
vaippahousut diaper pants
potkuhousut children’s bodysuit
kurahousut children’s waterproof mud pants
sarkahousut wool army pants
saapashousut breeches (historical)
polvihousut breeches, knickerbockers (historical)
pussihousut breeches, jodhpurs (historical)
bermudasortsit bermuda shorts
bermudat bermuda shorts
pyöräilysortsit cycling shorts
mikrosortsit hot pants (super short shorts)
haalarit overalls, onesie
opiskelijahaalarit university student overalls
työhaalarit coveralls
alusvaatteet underwear
alushousut underpants
alkkarit sp. underpants
pikkuhousut women’s panties
pikkarit sp. women’s panties
pikkupöksyt sp. briegs, panties
stringit string
tangat thong
bikinialushousut bikini bottoms
bokserit boxer briefs, boxer shorts
kalsarit sp. underpants
kalsongit men’s long underpands (jokingly)
uimahousut swimming trunks
uikkarit sp. swimsuit
simmarit sp. swimming trunks
bikinit bikini
rintaliivit bra
rintsikat sp. bra
imetysliivit nursing bra
äitiysliivit maternity bra
urheiluliivit sports bra
urheilurintaliivit sports bra
sukat socks
pitsisukat lace socks
sukkahousut pantyhose, tights
sukkikset sp. pantyhose, tights
tukisukkahousut support tights
polvisukat knee socks
polvarit sp. stockings, knee-highs
kengät shoes
jalkineet footwear
retkijalkineet hiking footwear
tohvelit slippers
tossut sp. slippers
balettitossut ballet slipper
varvastossut flip-flops
huopatossut felt boots, slippers
lenkkitossut sneakers, trainers, tennis shoes
lenkkarit sp. sneakers, trainers, tennis shoes
kumitossut gumshoe, sneaker
juhlakengät formal shoes, dress shoes
pikkukengät delicate thin-bottom party shoes
korkokengät high-heeled shoes
saappaat boots
nahkasaappaat leather boots
kumisaappaat rubber boots, wellies
kummarit sp. rubber boots, wellies
kumpparit sp. rubber boots, wellies
moonbootsit sp. moon boots
lantsarit sp. simple leather boots
käsineet gloves, mittens
kintaat mittens
lapaset knitted mittens
tumput sp. mittens
hansikkaat gloves
sormikkaat knitted gloves
hanskat sp. gloves
rukkaset non-textile mittens (e.g. leather)
korvalaput earmuffs
henkselit suspenders, braces
olkaimet suspenders, braces
silmälasit (eye)glasses
rillit sp. glasses
kaksiteholasit bifocals
moniteholasit bifocals
kolmiteholasit trifocal glasses
aurinkolasit sunglasses
lukulasit reading glasses
nenälasit pince-nez
piilolasit contacts
piilolinssit contact lenses
piilarit sp. contact lenses
kontaktilasit contact lenses
laskettelulasit snow goggles
sankalasit glasses with arms
pullonpohjalasit glasses with thick lenses

So there you have it: a long list of plural Finnish clothing vocabulary. Hopefully this list helps you on your road to mastering Finnish. Next, find out more about:

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