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Clothes – Vaatteet – Finnish Vocabulary

Learn some vocabulary related to clothes – vaatteet – on this page! You might also want to look at our page about colors, in order to add some adjectives to your sentences. In addition, you will need the “minulla on” sentence construction in order to say you have something.

When you have learned all those elements, you’re ready to start making sentences like “Minulla on punainen paita” (I have a red shirt) and “Anjalla on lyhyt hame” (Anja has a short skirt). It’s a fun way to get started with learning Finnish and will give you some encouragement as to whether Finnish can actually be mastered!

Finnish English
Vaatteet Clothes
aamutakki dressing gown
alushame petticoat
alushousut underpants
aluspaita undershirt
alusvaatteet underwear
anorakki anorak
bikinit bikini
esiliina / essu apron
farkkupaita jeans shirt
farkut jeans
farmarit blue jeans
hame skirt
hiihtohousut ski trousers
housupuku trouser suit
housut pants
lyhyet housut short pants
jakku jacket
jakkupuku two piece dress and jacket
kesämekko summer dress
korsetti corset
kylpytakki bathing wrap
liivi waistcoat
mokkajakku suede jacket
mokkatakki suede coat
nahkatakki leather jacket
paita shirt
pikkuhousut panties
polvisukat knee socks
puku suit
pusero blouse
rintaliivit bra
sadetakki raincoat
solmio tie
shortsit shorts
stoola stole
sukat socks
sukkahousut tights
takki coat
turkistakki fur jacket
turkki fur coat
tuulipusero windcheater
uimamyssy bathing cap
uimahousut bathing trunks
uimapuku swimsuit
villapaita sweater
villatakki cardigan
yöpaita nightgown
Finnish English
Asusteet Accessories
hattu hat
huivi head scarf
olkihattu straw hat
kaulakoru necklace
kaulaliina scarf
kihlasormus engagement ring
korvakorut earrings
käsineet gloves
myssy cap
nenäliina handkerchief
rannekello watch
rannerengas bracelet
sormus ring
vihkisormus wedding ring
vyö belt
Materiaalit Materials
kashmir cashmere
keinokuitu synthetic fibre
mohair mohair
nahka leather
pellava linen
puuvilla cotton
sametti velvet
silkki silk
turkis fur
villa wool
Kuviot Patterns
yksivärinen one color
raidallinen striped
ruudullinen checkered
kuviollinen patterned
pilkullinen dotted
napit buttons
vetoketju zipper

Do you want to practice vocabulary related to clothes and colors? Patrons have access to a 9-page PDF language lesson on the subject (sneak peak) as well as many others like it!

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