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Politics & Government – Politiikka ja Hallitus

Politics! It’s something we should all be interested in. Here’s your chance to learn some words related to the government and styles of governing.

Finnish English
Yhteiskunta Society
yhteiskunnallinen civil
yhteiskuntaluokka social class
yhteiskuntatiede sociology
valtio nation
valtiollinen national
valtiollistaa to nationalize
valtiomies statesman
valtionapu government subsidy
valtionrahasto state funds
valtiontalous national economy
hallita to govern
hallitus government
Valtiojärjestelmä Government system
valtakunta kingdom
tasavalta republic
demokratia democracy
monarkia monarchy
kuningaskunta monarchy
yksinvalta autocracy
diktatuuri dictatorship
tyrannia tyranny
totalitarismi totalitarianism
keisarinkunta empire
Hallitsija Ruler
aatelisto nobility
diktaattori dictator
keisari emperor
kreivi count/earl
kuningatar queen
kuningas king
kuninkaallinen royal
papisto clergy
perillinen heir
porvaristo bourgeoisie
presidentti president
prinsessa princess
prinssi prince
prinssihallitsija prince regent
ruhtinas prince
tyranni tyrant
valtaistuin throne
yksinvaltias autocrat
talonpoikaissääty peasantry
rahvas common people
Finnish English
Ministeriö Government departments
pääministeri prime minister
ulkoasiainministeri minister of foreign affairs
valtiovarainministeri minister of finance
ulkomaankauppaministeri minister of foreign trade
opetusministeri minister of education
kulttuuriministeri minister of culture
oikeusministeri minister of justice
sisäasiainministeri minister of internal affairs
ympäristöministeri minister of environment
asuntoministeri minister of housing
puolustusministeri minister of defence
maa- ja metsätalousministeri minister of agriculture and forestry
liikenneministeri minister of transport
kauppa- ja teollisuusministeri minister of trade and industry
sosiaali- ja terveysministeri minister of health and social affairs
työministeri minister of employment
Politiikka Politics
eduskunta parliament
eduskuntavaalit parliamentary election
edustajanpaikka seat
ehdokas candidate
enemmistö majority
ennakkoäänestys advance voting
iskulause slogan
kansanedustaja member of parliament
keskusvirasto national board
kunnallisvaalit municipal elections
kunnanvaltuusto municipal council
lautakunta board / commision
läänihallitus provincial government
oikeisto conservatives / right wing
oppositio opposition
presidenttivaalit presidential elections
puolue political party
poliitikko politician
poliittinen political
täysistunto plenum
valtuutettu representative
vapaamielinen liberal
vasemmisto left wing
veto-oikeus veto
vähemmistö minority
äänestys the voting
äänioikeus right to vote

That’s all the words on the topic of politics for today! If there are subjects related to the government that you’d also like to see an article on, do let me know in the comments!

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Thank you for this – something that doesn’t seem to be taught in many languages so nice to see it here. Probably a bit advanced for me but I had a look because it’s a subject I’m interested in.

Couple of questions:

1. Is it more common to refer to foreign political parties in their native name or translate them? French seems to translate the major ones, Dutch seems to leave them with their native names (at least for the UK) . Finnish wiki seems to use translations but I wondered what your thoughts were (so would I say “minä äänestän Labour” or “minä äänestän työväenpuolue”)? And have I got those sentences right (I took the translation of Labour Party from Finnish Wikipedia but I’m not confident about the rest)?

2. How would you say you were a member or activist of a political party?

Thank you!