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Spoken Language Articles Overview

On this page, you can find links to the different types of Finnish spoken language words. The first section links to articles which discuss typical spoken language vocabulary. The second section lists articles related to spoken language grammar. I’m hoping that this spoken language articles overview will help you find more information about spoken language.

Spoken Language Vocabulary Articles

Words ending in -is

This group contains words like roskis, futis, depis, julkkis and kirppis.

Words Ending in -is

Words ending in -ari

Words like pokkari, makkari, laihari and kylppäri belong to the second group of spoken language words.

Words Ending in -Ari

Types of Spoken Language Vocabulary

This article contains information on where spoken language words come from and how they tend to be created.

Types of Spoken Language Vocabulary

The Numbers in Spoken Language

In this article, you can find different ways to say the numbers in Finnish spoken language. Not as simple as you’d probably like!

Finnish Spoken Language Numbers

Spoken Language Grammar Articles

Personal Pronouns

The pronoun minä can in spoken language change into, for example mä, mää and mie. The inflected forms also change: mulla, multa, mua.

Personal Pronouns in Spoken Finnish

Relative Pronouns

The pronouns tämä, tuo and se also undergo changes in spoken language. You can run into forms such as tää, toi, sitä, tota and noita.

Relative Pronouns in Spoken Language

Third Person Plural Conjugation

It’s rare to hear the form “He menevät” in spoken Finnish. You’re much more likely to hear “Ne menee” used instead.

Ne menee

First Person Plural Conjugation

It’s also rare to hear the form “Me menemme” in spoken Finnish. The passive is often used instead: Me mennään.

Me mennään

Third Infinitive's Illative Form

Another type of verb form that gets shortened is the -maan form (third infinitive). Instead of “Menen nukkumaan“, you’re likely to hear “Menen nukkuun“.

Menen nukkuun

Spoken Language Pronunciation

Spoken language often has a simplified pronunciation than written Finnish. You can find out more about spoken language phonology here.

Spoken language pronunciation

More groups will be added to this spoken language articles overview as they are published!

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