Negative Emotions – Kielteiset Tunteet Finnish Vocabulary

Negative Emotions – Kielteiset Tunteet

In this article, you can find adjectives, nouns and verbs related to negative emotions. There are plenty of positive emotions too though! In addition, you can express your feelings through certain feeling verbs. Some sayings that express negative emotions ”Hänellä on jotain hampaankolossa.” Literally: She has something in the hole in a tooth. Meaning: She’s […]

The Active Present Participle – VA-Partisiippi Constructions

The Active Present Participle – VA-P…

1. What are Participles? Participles are verbal adjectives which can be formed from all verbs. Like ordinary adjectives, they are declined in all cases and agree with the noun which the qualify. They can be in active and passive form, and have an ’agent’ participle. On this page you find just the active present participle. […]

Character & Personality – Luonne & Persoonallisuus Finnish Vocabulary

Character & Personality – Luonn…

In this article we’ll look at some vocabulary and phrases with which you can describe what people are like. 1. Asking about someone’s character and personality Finnish English Millainen/Minkälainen ihminen hän on? What kind of a person is he/she? Millainen luonne hänellä on? What kind of a personality does he/she have? Millaisia luonteenpiirteitä hänellä on? […]

Describing How People Look – Finnish Vocabulary Finnish Vocabulary

Describing How People Look – Finnish…

In this article we’ll look at some vocabulary and phrases which with you will be describing how people look. 1. Asking what someone looks like Finnish English Miltä hän näyttää? What does she/he look like? Minkänäköinen hän on? What does she/he look like? Näyttääkö hän hyvältä? Does he/she look good? Onko hän hyvännäköinen? Is she/he […]