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Pala Siivu Viipale Lohko – Finnish Vocabulary of Parts

This article deals with what parts of a whole are called in Finnish. A glass is lasi, but what do you call the pieces when the glass breaks? A tree is puu, but what about the different types of wood products that are made from parts of a tree? This article is far from complete, but hopefully you find some useful phrases to add to your everyday vocabulary. At least pala, siivu, viipale and lohko should become part of your active vocabulary!

Glass – Lasi

Broken glass can be sharp! Here you can find some words to refer to shards of glass.

Finnish English
lasinsirpale fragment of glass, glass splinter
sirpale shorter version of lasinsirpale
lasinpalanen piece of broken glass
lasinpala piece of broken glass
pirstale, pirsta long, sharp fragment
särö thin crack
säpäle splinter
lasinsiru, lasisiru glass shard

Wood – Puu

Wood is used for many purposes, so there is a large amount of vocabulary related to it. I’m sure you can find some useful words to study in the following list.

Finnish English
runko tree trunk
kanto tree stump
kaarna tree bark
oksa branch
puupuru sawdust
tikku wood splinter
risu twig (small dry branch)
risut brushwood
risutukki bundled brushwood (forestry)
ajopuu driftwood (from storm or shipwreck)
keppi stick
kiila wedge (for woodworking or keeping doors open)
puulastu wood chips
puukapula wooden peg
puunpala, puupala piece of wood
puupalanen piece of wood
sahapuu timber (for building)
tukki heavy, usually round log
sahatukki long, round log, 15+ cm diameter
vaneritukki logs that get made into plywood
pölkky pruned, round solid wood block
päre thin wooden shingle, roof material
parru beam, long square piece of wood
kattoparru horizontal ceiling beam
puulautta floating wooden raft
puukasa wood stack
puupino wood stack
polttopuut pieces of firewood
halko piece of firewood (1 meter long)
klapi piece of firewood (smaller than halko)
pilke piece of firewood (smaller than klapi)
hake mass of woodchips for fuel
saunapuut wood to heat the sauna
mestauspölkky executioner’s block

Stone – Kivi

Stones appear in many different sizes: sora, nupula and paasi are just a few of them.

Finnish English
kivi stone, rock
kivimurska rubble, crushed stone
sora gravel (e.g. on gravel road)
sepelikivi crushed stone (e.g. on train track)
pikkukivi small stone, pebble
nupula, nupu pebble
paasi flagstone (e.g. in patio or walkway)
laattakivi stone slab, (large) paving stone
vierinkivi stone made round by water
kivilohkare boulder (default word)
kivimöhkäle boulder, large unshaped rock
kivijärkäle boulder, large uneven rock
mukulakivi cobblestone, small rounded stone
nupukivi sett, rectangular paving stone
noppakivi square paving stone

Food – Ruoka

Pala, siivu and viipale are three very common words to describe part of a food item. These should prove especially useful!

Finnish English
leivänmuru, leivänmurunen breadcrumb
leivänpala, leipäpala piece of bread
leipäviipale, leipäviipale slice of bread
kurkkuviipale cucumber slice
juustoviipale, juustosiivu slice of cheese
kakkusiivu, kakunsiivu slice of cake
kakkupala, kakunpala piece of cake
juustoraaste grated cheese
porkkanaraaste grated carrots
omenaviipale apple slice
omenalohko apple wedge
perunalastu potato chip
perunamuusi, perunasose mashed potatoes
tomaattimurska crushed tomatoes
ananasmurska crushed pineapple
perunankuori potato peel
leivän kuori breast crust
sipulinkuori onion-skin
munankuori egg shell
perunanhitu slice of potato peel
munanvalkuainen egg white
munankeltuainen egg yolk
voinokare knob of butter
valkosipulinkynsi clove of garlic
lihasuikale strips of meat
kimpale lihaa chunk of meat
leikkeleet cold cuts, cold meat
pätkä makkaraa short piece of sausage
sokerikuutio, sokeripala sugar cube
jauhokokkare a lump of flour
pisara (vettä) drop (of water)
tippa (vettä) drop (of water)
kahvitilkka, tilkka kahvia a splash /drop of coffee
viinitilkka, tilkka viiniä a splash/drop of whine
loraus öljyä a splash of oil
liraus öljyä a splash of oil

Some verbs

Finnish English
lyödä sirpaleiksi to break into pieces
kulkea kepin kanssa to walk with a stick
pilkkoa puita to chop wood
hakata halkoja to chop wood
kerätä kuivia risuja to collect dry twigs
polttaa risuja to burn twigs
hakata talven polttopuut to hack winter firewood
levittää soraa tielle to spread gravel on the road
kivetä katu to pave the street
leikata suikaleiksi to cut into strips
leikata leipä siivuiksi to cut bread into slices
leikata makkara viipaleiksi to cut sausage into slices
pyyhkiä murut pöydältä to wipe the crumbs off the table
raastaa appelsiininkuorta to grate orange peel
viipaloida sitruuna to slice a lemon
kuoria omena to peel an apple
paloitella lihaa to cut up the meat
pilkkoa kurkkua salaattiin to chop cucumber into a salad
lisätä tilkka öljyä to add a splash of oil

That’s all for words like pala, siivu and viipale.

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