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Words Ending in -inen – Derivational Suffix Johdin Johdos

There are thousands of words in Finnish than end in -nen. In this article, we’ll look specifically as DERIVED words with the -inen derivational element. The derivational suffix -inen is very common!

1. Terminology

  • Derivation: The process of making new words based on original words by adding elements to them (johtaminen).
  • Derivational element: The prefix, suffix or affix you add to a word to create a new word (johdin).
  • Derivate: The new word that’s formed by adding a derivational element (johdos).
  • Root word: The original word to which the derivational element is added (kantasana).

2. Functions of the Derivational Suffix -inen

We use the suffix -inen to create adjectives. The resulting adjective usually has one of the following meanings:

  • The adjective expresses that something contains the root word.
    Example: kala means “fish” > kalainen järvi means a lake that contains (a lot of) fish.
  • The adjective expresses that something is created from the root word.
    Example: puu means “wood” > puinen pöytä means a table is made from wood.
  • The adjective expresses that something is covered in the root word.
    Example: ruoho means “grass” > ruohoinen mäki means a hill covered in grass.
  • The adjective expresses that something resembles the root word.
    Example: talvi means “winter” > talvinen sää means weather that resembles winter.

3. Words Ending in the Derivational Suffix -inen

This section contains words which have been derived using the derivational suffix -inen.

Base word Adjective English Description
huopa huopainen felt made of felt, resembles felt (hat)
nahka nahkainen leathery, leathered made of, resembles leather (wallet)
pellava pellavainen flaxen, linen made of, resembles linen (cloth)
silkki silkkinen silky, silken made of silk, feels silky (skin)
ohra ohrainen barley made of, contains barley (bread)
vehnä vehnäinen wheat made of, contains wheat (bread)
ruis rukiinen rye made of, contains rye (bread)
olki olkinen straw made of straw, contains straw (hat)
paperi paperinen paper, papery made of paper (airplane)
kivi kivinen stone, stony, rocky made of stone, covered in stone (path)
tiili tiilinen brick made of bricks (house)
pronssi pronssinen bronze, bronzy made of bronze (jewel)
teräs teräksinen steel, steely made of steel, resembles steel (nerves)
rauta rautainen iron, cast iron made of iron, resembles iron (fist)
kupari kuparinen copper, coppery made of, contains copper (cable)
hopea hopeinen silver, silvery made of silver, contains silver (ring)
kulta kultainen golden, gold made of gold, contains gold (necklace)
alumiini alumiininen aluminic, aluminum made of, contains aluminum (plate)
sinkki sinkkinen zinc made of zinc, contains zinc (basin)
posliini posliininen porcelain made of porcelain (doll)
marmori marmorinen marble made of marble (statue)
kangas kankainen fabric made of fabric (curtain)
kvartsi kvartsinen quartoze made of, contains quartz (jewel)
lasi lasinen glass, glassed, glassy made of, contains, looks like glass (door)
puu puinen wooden, woody made of wood (rod)
mänty mäntyinen pine made of pine, resembles pine (smell)
vaneri vanerinen plywood, veneer made of plywood (cutting board)
honka honkainen piney made of, covered in pinewood (table)
kipsi kipsinen plaster made of plaster (wall)
kumi kuminen rubbery made of rubber (glove)
muovi muovinen plastic made of plastic (box)
sora sorainen gravelly covered in, made of gravel (ridge)
vuori vuorinen mountainous, hilly covered in mountains (shore)
ruoho ruohoinen grassy covered in grass (lawn, hill)
rikkaruoho rikkaruohoinen weedy covered in weeds (field, garden)
sohjo sohjoinen slushy, sleety covered in sludge, sleet (road)
hiekka hiekkainen sandy covered in sand, made of sand (beach)
tahma tahmainen sticky, gooey covered in goo, feels sticky (rice)
usva usvainen misty, hazy, foggy covered in fog (landscape)
huurre huurteinen frosty covered in frost (glass)
kaste kasteinen dewy, bedewed covered in dew (meadow)
pisama pisamainen freckled covered in freckles (face)
terva tervainen tarry covered in tar, smells of tar (soap)
hiki hikinen sweaty covered in sweat (bodybuilder)
veri verinen bloody, bloodstained covered in blood (hand)
karva karvainen hairy, furry covered in hair, fur (legs)
kihara kiharainen curly, twisty covered in, with (many) curls (hair)
pensas pensainen bushy covered in bushes (landscape)
kukka kukkainen flowery, floral covered in, resembles flowers (smell)
ruoste ruosteinen rust, rusting covered in rust (kettle)
nukka nukkainen fuzzy, downy covered in fuzz (sweater)
pöly pölyinen dusty, gritty covered in dust (floor)
tomu tomuinen dusty covered in dust (attic)
home homeinen mouldy, moldy, musty covered in, contains mold (cheese)
taikina taikinainen doughy covered in, tastes of dough (hands)
lumi luminen snowy covered in, contains snow (path)
jää jäinen icy, iced, frozen covered in ice (road)
tuli tulinen fiery, hot covered in fire, resembles fire (food)
suomu suomuinen scaly, scaley, scaled covered in scales (crocodile)
kala kalainen
fishy contains fish (lake)
marja marjainen berried contains berries (hill, bush)
paska paskainen shitty, crappy contains shit (diaper)
rasva rasvainen greasy, fatty contains fat (food), feels greasy (skin)
rasva vähärasvainen low-fat contains less fat (cheese)
viima viimainen windy contains an icy wind (evening, lake)
aurinko aurinkoinen sunny contains sun (day, room)
sade sateinen rainy contains rain (morning)
myrsky myrskyinen stormy, rocky, wild contains, resembles a storm (weather)
tuuli tuulinen windy, breezy contains wind (weather)
vesi vetinen watery contains water, resembles water (liquid)
saaste saasteinen polluted contains pollution (air)
jänne jänteinen sinewy, stringy contains sinew, tendons (meat)
ruoto ruotoinen bony, boney contains a lot of fish bones (meal)
öljy öljyinen oily contains oil, resembles oil (liquid)
mauste mausteinen spicy, seasoned contains spices, seasoning (food)
hunaja hunajainen honeyed contains honey, tastes of honey (cake)
hedelmä hedelmäinen fruity contains fruit, tastes of fruit (wine)
pähkinä pähkinäinen nutty, nutlike contains nuts, resembles nuts (taste)
sokeri sokerinen sugary, sweet contains (lots of) sugar (jam)
suola suolainen salty, salted contains (lots of) salt (sea water)
siirappi siirappinen syrupy, soppy contains syrup, resembles syrup (spoon)
sipuli sipulinen oniony, alliaceous contains onion, resembles onion (taste)
kiemura kiemurainen winding, squiggly contains bends, twists, loops (path)
kierukka kierukkainen coiled contains coils (drill)
kuhmura kuhmurainen knobbly contains bumps, feels bumpy (pillow)
muhkura muhkurainen gnarly, knotted, gnarled contains knobbles, feels gnarled (trunk)
möykky möykkyinen lumpy, clumpy contains clumps (soil)
kokkare kokkareinen lumpy, chunky contains lumps (sauce)
mutka mutkainen bendy, twisting contains bends, twists (road)
oksa oksainen branchy, well-branched contains, covered in branches (tree)
raita raitainen striped contains, covered in stripes (shirt)
kuvio kuvioinen patterned contains, covered in pattern (dress)
ruuhka ruuhkainen congested, busy contains a traffic jam (road)
tuska tuskainen distressed, suffering contains pain, feels like pain (patient)
savu savuinen smoky, smoke-filled contains smoke (air)
kallio kallioinen cliffy, rocky contains cliffs, rocks (coastline)
arpi arpinen scarred contains scars (face)
rupi rupinen scabby, crusted contains scabs (skin)
naarmu naarmuinen scratched contains a scratch (table, face)
ryppy ryppyinen wrinkly, wrinkled contains wrinkles (skin, cloth)
kuoppa kuoppainen bumpy, rough contains holes, bumps (road)
lommo lommoinen dented contains a dent (can)
reikä reikäinen holey, cavitied contains holes (sock), cavities (teeth)
uurre uurteinen grooved, rugged contains grooves (bark, face)
pihka pihkainen resinous, tarry contains tar, covered in tar (tree)
tahra tahrainen stained, smudgy contains a stain, covered in stains (cloth)
hilse hilseinen scurfy, dandruffy contains dandruff (hair)
lika likainen dirty, firthy contains dirt, filth (kitchen)
törky törkyinen dirty, grimy, nasty contains dirt, trash (yard)
roso rosoinen ragged, rough, jagged contains tiny uneven bits (trail)
sokkelo sokkeloinen labyrinthine, mazy resembles a maze (building)
ryysy ryysyinen ragged, tattered resembles rags (clothing)
resu resuinen ragged, shabby, ratty resembles rags (clothing)
rae rakeinen granular, gritty resembles granules (sugar, stone)
kesä kesäinen summery, summerlike resembles summer (day)
talvi talvinen wintery, wintry resembles winter (wheather)
syksy syksyinen autumnal, autumn resembles autumn (afternoon)
kevät keväinen springlike resembles spring (morning)
joulu jouluinen Christmassy resembles Chrismas (atmosphere)
mies miehinen masculine, manly resembles a man (facial features)
flunssa flunssainen fluey has the flu, feels like flu (child)
kuume kuumeinen feverish, delirious has a fever, feels like fever (patient)
jano janoinen thirsty, parched has a thirst, feels thirsty (animal)
nälkä nälkäinen hungry has a hunger, feels hungry (baby)
kiukku kiukkuinen snappy, grumpy, angry has a temper, feels angry (teenager)
viha vihainen angry, mad, pissed has a hate, feels angry (child)
ilo iloinen happy, cheerful has joy, feels happy (baby)
kohmelo kohmeloinen hung-over has a hangover (teenager)
syyhy syyhyinen mangy, scabby has mange or scabies (dog)

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That’s all for this list of words created with the derivational suffix -inen! There are most likely many more that could be added, but this should be a good list to start with.

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